Practice Problems

DSC 80 at UC San Diego

This site contains practice problems taken from old DSC 80 exams. Each exam linked here lists the conditions under which the exam was given, including the allotted amount of time and the resources allowed. For the best preparation, work through all the questions on an exam in order under these same conditions, writing down your answers on paper as you go, then check all your answers at the end. It’s especially important that you practice on paper, since your exams will also be on paper. Even though you will see some multiple choice bubbles, you intentionally cannot select them.

Quarter Instructor(s) Exam
Winter 2023 Suraj Rampure Midterm
Final (in progress)
Fall 2022 Justin Eldridge Midterm
Spring 2022 Suraj Rampure Midterm
Fall 2021 Justin Eldridge Midterm

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